Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Candidate's Comments Don't Get Much Traction

John Doak, Republican candidate for insurance commissioner, is a bit frustrated today.

Doak's frustration centers on an issue he's been talking about, or trying to, for almost three months.

Back in May, Doak called on incumbent Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland, Democrat, to oppose a new tax on insurance claims as called for in HB 2437, which levies a one percent tax on all health insurance claims paid in Oklahoma.

Doak's news release didn't get much traction except here on The McCarville Report Online.

In early July, Doak started a petition drive to gain signatures to repeal the bill.

Doak's news release didn't get much traction.

Yesterday, Holland filed a petition with the Oklahoma Supreme Court, asking it to block the collection of the tax.

Holland's action drew widespread news coverage. The story was at the top of Page 1 in The Oklahoman, heralded on radio and television newscasts. Doak wasn't quoted. That's enough to irritate a candidate who's been hammering an issue for weeks.

And after weeks of urging Holland to take action, Doak is now criticizing her for doing just that: “On one hand, I am very pleased for the taxpayers of Oklahoma that Holland has taken up my cause. On the other hand, I’m worried that it’s just politics as usual. She could have intervened at several steps in the process of the passage and eventual signing of this bill into law but she didn’t. It’s only now as the campaign heats up and as her fundraising needs a boost that she decides to intervene. I am running because I believe I could have stopped this and other bad ideas that effect insurance consumers before it ever reaches the governor’s desk,” Doak said.

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