Thursday, July 8, 2010

Calvey: Feds Should Enforce Border Security

Congressional candidate Kevin Calvey today defended Arizona's law on illegal immigration and said the federal government should focus its efforts on border enforcement instead of suing Arizona over the law.

“The left is in uproar over a state law that simply makes a crime out of breaking a federal law already on the books,” Calvey said. “The federal government has been failing to protect our border for decades. Arizona is simply trying to solve a problem that the federal government created and that the Obama administration is just making worse.”

The Justice Department is suing in federal court to overturn the state law on constitutional grounds. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 makes being in the United States illegally a misdemeanor offense in the state. The law prohibits local law enforcement from using racial profiling in determining the legal status of a suspect.

“The Obama administration attacking a state on constitutional grounds is outrageous,” Calvey said. “This administration has shown a willful ignorance of the Constitution for its own legislation and now they are trying to punish a state for taking the initiative to protect our borders.

“Instead of tying up the state of Arizona in the courts, President Obama should be focused on finally protecting our borders. Our immigration laws will continue to be ignored so long as the federal government refuses to enforce them.”

The federal government recently deployed 1,200 National Guard troops to the southwestern border. Arizona had requested 6,000 Guard troops for enforcement.

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