Friday, July 30, 2010

Brogdon Sets Fallin Meeting, News Conference

Randy Brogdon said today he will meet with Mary Fallin next Wednesday and they'll hold a news conference after the meeting.

The announcement prompted speculation Brogdon, who lost the Republican gubernatorial primary to Fallin in Tuesday's voting, will endorse her even if it is a week after the votes were counted.

Brogdon said on election night he wanted to consider whether to endorse Fallin. Drew Edmondson, who lost the Democratic nomination to Jari Askins, endorsed her immediately and said he'll work to make sure she's elected.

“Donna and I are taking a much needed mini vacation to catch up on our sleep and spend some quiet time with each other," Brogdon said. "Mary Fallin and I have been in contact and we have a meeting scheduled next week to discuss the Governor’s race as well as some key issues. I will be in the fight for liberty for a long time to come.”

The meeting, Brogdon said, will take place at the campaign headquarters of Fallin for Governor in Oklahoma City on Wednesday at 11:00 AM. A press conference is scheduled to take place immediately following the meeting at 4308 N. Classen Boulveard.

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