Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Which Two Of The 5th District Candidates?

With about four weeks remaining to the July primary, the seven Republican candidates for Congress in the 5th District appear to be falling into patterns.

The front-runners appear, by all accounts, to be Kevin Calvey, James Lankford and Mike Thompson.

Perceived in the second tier are Rick Flanigan, Shane Jett, Harry Johnson and Dr. Johnny Roy.

But that's what others think. What do you think? Which two of the seven will be in a runoff? Vote now in TMRO's unscientific poll, at the right side of this page.

In our previous poll, with six candidates, Lankford placed 1st with 48 percent, followed by Thompson, 23 percent, and Calvey, 16 percent.

More scientific polls have shown Calvey, Lankford and Thompson as the leaders.

A reminder: Our poll, like straw polls, party polls and organization polls, may or may not reflect political reality. Examples: One organization reports results based on 14 or 15 votes; some tout results in a race where 54 percent say they are undecided (usually indicating a race is wide open).

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