Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sullivan's Downloadable Booklet A 'Best Seller'

“It isn’t on The New York Times Best Seller List, but it would make the Oklahoma County Assessor’s Most Popular Downloaded Free Documents list, if there was one,” said Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan.

“We are pretty proud of the ‘Taxpayer’s Rights, Remedies and Responsibilities’ booklet which has been downloaded more than 6,956 times from our internationally recognized web page http://www.oklahomacounty.org/assessor/homestead.htm. We provide the document free to thousands of Oklahomans in our office and at meetings we are invited to attend,” Sullivan said.

“This booklet was ‘adopted and adapted’ from the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), we updated and edited the document and reprint our own copies in our office for those who walk-in our office and also provide copies to other county officers when they go out on speaking engagements around the county,” Sullivan said.

“When the assessor’s staff started the process of making the updates on the booklet it was out of necessity. The OTC could only provide a handful of the booklets for our office and we all agreed it would be a great information source for all to see. Making these booklets for pennies a piece and also providing an electronic copy for people to print at home or review as they wish, made a lot of sense and it’s another way the world wide web can help inform property owners,” Sullivan said.

“The booklet is more than 20 pages and provides property owners all the information about property tax savings, the assessment process and the responsibilities of owning property. We hope other assessors in Oklahoma may have directed citizens to our webpage to get the booklet just in case they have run out. We know the forms we have available for download are sometimes used by other county residents. We put ‘Oklahoma’ in the blank for ‘County’ on all of our forms, and they sometimes show up in other counties or at other state agencies,” Sullivan said.

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