Saturday, June 26, 2010

Revolutionary Link: It is of considerable import to members of the Clan McCarville (in ancient Ireland, the O'Cearbhaill Clan) that ancestor Charles Carroll was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and was the last surviving signatory to that definitive document in American history.

The Gadfly On The Wall
By Mike McCarville

The Carroll family descended from the Ó Cearbhaill lords of Éile (Lords of Ely) in County Tipperary. A descendant of Irish rebels, Carroll was born on September 19, 1737, in Annapolis, Maryland. The only child of Charles Carroll of Annapolis (1702–1782) and Elizabeth Brooke (1709–1761), he remained illegitimate until his parents married in 1757. He became a wealthy land owner and benevolent slave owner and supported the abolition of slavery. It is said that he did not release his own slaves because he feared for their well-being and treatment as freedmen.

Disgusted: I don't know which disgusts me more: The allegations of sexual misconduct against Al Gore, or the unproven allegations being made public four years after they were made. You'll get no defense of Al Gore the liberal goof ball here; my concern is the constant villification of public figures through the leveling of unproven allegations, and this year it has afflicted Republicans as well as Democrats. Sports figures, too, like the baseball player accused of rape two years after a police investigation cleared him. In many cases, of course, the allegations have been proven to be true and that may be the case with Gore. But if not...where does Al Gore go to get his reputation back and will all the bloggers who have rushed to judge apologize?

Happy Trails: The travelers pictured here are treasured friends Jim and Mary Galbraith of California. Jim and I met in 1968 when he was director of public relations for the Republican Governors Association. He later became the RGA's executive director. We shared many miles (and laughs) together and indulged far too much Maker's Mark in watering holes all over the country. Jim later moved on to Ticor in Los Angeles and then became Baron Hilton's right-hand man at the Hilton Corp. Jim retired a few years back and since, he and Mary have traversed the world. If I had to be in a foxhole, I'd want Jim at my back; one of the truly fine human beings it's been my pleasure to know.

Duh: Tulsa Police Department records show blacks and Hispanics are stopped more than whites on a percentage-of-population basis. This seems to confuse some; others call it racism. Seems obvious: More police officers patrol areas where the most crime occurs. Ergo...the statistics.

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