Friday, June 18, 2010

Reese Accuses Costello Of Political Plagarism

Republican labor commissioner candidate Jason Reese today accused his GOP opponent, Mark Costello, of political plagarism. Reese says Costello copied his plan for the merger of three other agencies into the Department of Labor.

Reese said, “I’m glad to see my opponent read my interview with the Lawton Constitution--back in the beginning of this month--in which I detailed the specific benefits of merging overlapping functions of these agencies.”

In the story published in the June 3, 2010, edition of The Lawton Constitution, Reese explained how the resultant merger of the agencies that deal with labor and employment issues would function much like a court, and therefore would need a labor and employment expert to administer these changes effectively.

Today, Costello issued a news release in which he discussed the same merger idea.

Reese continued, “This is all the more the reason why expertise matters. A labor and employment expert is needed not only to decide the cases that come before the department but also to navigate the federal laws that would effect such a merger.”

Reese cited the fact that certain federal laws may preclude a complete merger but would allow sharing of resources.

Reese explained, "This job is not merely about managing a staff, but about fulfilling a mission. Deciding disputes between labor and management and enforcing safety rules is a serious business. Oklahomans deserve a Labor Commissioner that will take the job seriously. I've spent this campaign proposing a raft of reforms. I look forward to my opponent adopting the rest of them."

Reese is an Oklahoma City labor attorney who represents small and medium-sized businesses.

To read Reese's original proposals as published in The Lawton Constitution, go to

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