Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucas Says Inquiry Will Clear Him

By Jerry Bohnen/NewsRadio 1000 KTOK ~ Oklahoma U.S. Representative Frank Lucas denies wrongdoing in his fundraising events that came around the time of the House vote last December on Wall Street reforms.

He is one of 8 House members under probe by the Office of Congressional Ethics.
The Republican Representative said he has turned over calendars, schedules and e-mails to the organization as it looks into his fundraisers that were held around the time of the December 11th vote.

"I can't unfortunately control committee chairmen and when they choose to do things in committee or bring things to the floor. If anything, I've got caught up by a coincidence of time," said Lucas during an interview with KTOK's First News.

He admitted he was surprised at the request of the Office.

"I've always consistently played by the rules and I will always play by the rules." Lucas explained all of his fundraising is scheduled over a two-year cycle.

"Everything I do is laid out weeks, months, more often than not, months in advance."

The Washington Post indicated the probe into Lucas and seven other House members is whether the timing of accepting campaign checks created an unacceptable appearance of a conflict.

"I sent them everything they asked for," added Lucas. "I hope personally this will be over quickly."

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