Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jim Priest Proposes AG 'Cybercrime Unit'

Democrat Jim Priest said today that if elected attorney general, he will create the first-ever "Cybercrime Unit" in the office.

"This is something I've been talking about for several months,” said Priest. “The increasing number of internet child predators and the rising tide of cyber criminals makes it imperative for the attorney general's office to take the lead on cybercrime. The Attorney General's Cybercrime Unit will focus on coordinating and assisting the Oklahoma law enforcement community in their fight against those who prey upon our children on the Internet and those who commit cyber fraud."

Priest said he has already talked with representatives of various law enforcement agencies who confirm the value of his concept.

"Law enforcement officials tell me this problem is so significant and the resources to fight it are so small, they need help and I intend to help them out. We must use every resource to root out this problem,” said Priest.

Priest’s proposal states that he will advocate for new legislation targeting cybercrime offenders that will include tracking of sex offenders email addresses and screen names, increasing penalties for felony sexual offenses, and increasing penalties for solicitation of a minor.

Several state attorney generals' offices, including Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida and Kentucky have such units and report substantial progress in the fight against cybercrime.

"The number one job of the attorney general is to protect the citizens of Oklahoma, especially our most vulnerable citizens,” said Priest. “This cybercrime unit will do just that by supporting our state's law enforcement community in their battle against online predators and Internet criminals."

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