Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coffee Deals With Medical Examiner Questions

Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee is shown during an afternoon news conference fielding questions about the Medical Examiner's office controversy and how bills creating a position for Democratic Senator Debbe Leftwich were handled.

Coffee told reporters he supports the idea of a new transition coordinator at the ME's office; he also said he had heard a state senator mentioned as a candidate for the job.

Coffee said he's uncertain who wrote the language that appeared in the bill he authored during the final days of session.

He also said he never met with Rep. Randy Terrill about the bill and said he's not tried to find out who added the language.

Told by Fox News 25's Andrew Speno that Senator Clark Jolley said it's impossible for an author to not know about added language, Coffee said Jolley is wrong.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has launched a corruption probe into whether Leftwich, D-Oklahoma City, agreed not to seek re-election in exchange for the newly created position.

Prater also is investigating whether Republican House members Terrill and Mike Christian conspired to have Leftwich leave her seat to clear the way for Christian to seek it.

Hat tip: Andrew Speno, Fox 25 News

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