Monday, June 28, 2010

Anthony, Murphy Donate Wage Loss Pay To State

Corporation Commissioners Bob Anthony and Dana Murphy have informed Governor Henry they plan to again give the state part of their pay based on wage losses experienced by furloughed Commission employees.

As state law forbids the commissioners from having their pay reduced, the commissioners have opted to write checks back to the state.

Commission General Counsel Andrew Tevington said the Commissioners’ initial request on May 4 covered the four furlough days that had been taken.

“Since that time, employees have had to take four more unpaid furlough days, with the most recent being June 25,” Tevington explained. “As in the initial request that Governor Henry granted, the Commissioners are asking the Governor to accept the money on behalf of the State and direct the funds back to their agency so the money can be used for other Commission costs.”

The state’s budget shortfall has forced the Corporation Commission to cut approximately eight percent of the agency’s work force, place the Commission’s remaining 440 employees on eight unpaid furlough days through June and institute $400,000 in cuts in addition to those mandated for all agencies.

The Commission’s budget was cut 18 percent at the beginning of the current fiscal year compared to 5 to 10 percent for other agencies. The state’s current fiscal year ends June 30.

Including the latest request to the Governor, Commissioner Anthony has donated a total of $2,300 while Commissioner Murphy has donated a total of $2,122.

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