Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Blogosphere: Blogs come and go, some fall into near-idleness (and thus lose their readers) and others shine. Herewith, The Gadfly's list of Oklahoma blogs worth monitoring, in no particular order:
The Gadfly
On The Oklahoma Blogosphere
By Mike McCarville
Oklahoma Women: Jean Warner's blog has, since Day One, been all over anything having to do with women and their issues.
Dustbury: Charles G. Hill's constant posts are consistently witty, erudite, thoughtful and...extremely well written. First class, top rate.
Muskogee Politico: Jamison Faught covers northeastern Oklahoma events like a blanket.
The Lost Ogle: These (young) guys (Patrick, Clark, Tony) leave me laughing. Best overall humorous social blog in the state, my opinion. I once described it as an "obscure local social blog." Obscure no longer, it's on my every-morning must-read list.
Dutch, Reformed: Sometimes known as Brandon Dutcher's Blog. Or, more appropriately, Brandon AND Susie Dutcher's blog. Both have a way with words, but Susie's posts almost always leave me misty-eyed, or excited, or awed by her command of eloquent language and the conveyance of profound thoughts deftly put. Best pro-family, principle-driven blog around.
Bounded Rationality: Tulsan Jeff Shaw does a good job with regular, thoughtful posts.
BatesLine: Michael Bates' Tulsa-based news aggregator and blog is a popular stop for many, The Gadfly included.
Red Dirt Report: Andrew Griffin's catch-all news site and blog regularly is filled with material.
Tulsa Today: David Arnett's news-driven site offers opinion and all sorts of Tulsa-area news from music to politics, delivered with style.
New Kids On The Block: Patrick McGuigan and the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs have just debuted CapitolBeatOK, essentially a news site; and two anonymous writers (hard to take opinions seriously if the writers don't stand (up) behind their opinions) have taken over Okie Pundit from Thad Balkman.
Radio Buds: Mark Shannon, Reid Mullins and Ron Black.


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