Thursday, October 1, 2009

ACORN Official Says Nothing Done Wrong Here

An official with the controversial and embattled ACORN organization denies his group did anything wrong in Oklahoma and alleges documents retrieved from computers appear to be "partially doctored."
Brian Kettering, deputy director of national operations for ACORN, told The Oklahoman, "The documents that we have seen — ostensibly taken from these computers — do not appear to reflect the work of ACORN in Oklahoma and appear to be partially doctored versions of some ACORN documents.”
Rep. Mike Reynolds released documents earlier this week which he said show ACORN focused on helping Democrats in three legislative races in the 2008 election and had developed a plan to become influential in state politics within five years.
Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, said the documents were recovered from two computers abandoned by ACORN workers in Oklahoma City. Reynolds said he bought the computers from the landlord of an ACORN office in Oklahoma City after the group stopped paying its lease on the office. The computers were password-protected, but he found the passwords in a drawer, he said.
"We consider our computers to be stolen property, the contents thereof stolen work product,” Kettering said in an e-mail response Wednesday to The Oklahoman.
In Florida, where an investigation into alleged voter fraud by ACORN workers is underway, Kettering said earlier this week the group worked "while the right wing noise machine was fabricating lies about us."
Last year, in defending ACORN's voter registration efforts, Kettering said, “There is an orchestrated campaign – coming from the right – that is ultimately about voter suppression.”

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