Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Gadfly On The Wall

Pumped: I'm about as pumped this college football season as I've ever been, and that includes about 45 years of following my OU Sooners closely. The Sooners should have another stellar year and, coupled with what the OSU Cowboys may be able to do, our state's two top football teams should be much in the national sports news. Blow the whistle and let the games begin!
Kickoff: The State Senate campaign of Republican David Holt announced the scheduling of its official kickoff fundraiser to be held Tuesday, September 22 at 6 p.m. at the home of Oklahoma City Councilman Patrick Ryan. Holt is seeking to replace the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Glenn Coffee, who is term limited next year.
Passing: My friend and mentor of many years, longtime newswoman Ivy Coffey, has died. Ivy, Kay Dyer and Mary Goddard were among the many who steered my journalism career in the early 1960s. Ivy and I worked on the State Desk of The Daily Oklahoman-Oklahoma City Times and she could take dictation as fast as I could dictate, which was lightning-speed. Ivy joins other of my early mentors, Ed Montgomery, Jack Bickham, Wayne Mackey and Ben Berger at that great City Desk in the sky.
Obama: The president has driven his flegdling administration into the ground. Health care, Cash For Clunkers, the expanding deficit, the liberals he has appointed throughout, the wacky "czars" he's put in place...the public dissatisfaction is growing. As a result, what looked so bleak for Republicans just a few months ago now looks much brighter, and that is the 2010 off-year congressional elections.
Baker's Dozen? How many candidates will there be for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District? Seems like there now are five announced candidates, with others swirling, including Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud. Front-runners clearly are Kevin Calvey and Mike Thompson; as the number of candidates increases, a primary runoff looks more likely amost a year in advance.
Not True, Not Funny: The blogosphere's ability to spread unfounded rumors was never more evident than this week. First, one blogger reported that OSU quarterback Zac Robinson was injured and couldn't play in Saturday's big game against Georgia. Untrue. Second, one blogger reported, and others joined the "fun," that Rep. Sally Kern (favorite target of liberals) had been arrested in Nichols Hills. Untrue.
Slander: So, it now seems, every time someone objects to, or criticizes, an Obama program, he or she is a "racist." Charlie Rangel is the latest to level that charge, alleging opposition to Obama's health care program is driven by racists. This, from an ethically-challenged public-trough sipper who faces demands for his resignation, or removal from office. Pathetic.
Obama, The Mortal: Read syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer's searing assessment of Obama at


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