Friday, December 15, 2006

'Bloggers Are The Minutemen Of Today'

Bloggers (and the blogosphere, and the influence they have on the traditional news media) were discussed tonight on "Cam & Company," the National Rifle Association's Internet/Sirius Satellite Radio show (8-11 p.m. CST) by host Cam Edwards and guests Tim Graham of the Media Research Center/Newsbusters in Washington and TMRO's Mike McCarville. The growing influence of the blogosphere in shaping public attitudes was summarized by McCarville, who said, "Bloggers are the Minutemen of today." He said bloggers are the first to grab their weapons (their computers) and rush out to defend their beliefs (liberal or conservative) in the face of contrary opinions or attacks. Bloggers, it was agreed, have redefined the dissemination of news and often uncover newsworthy events and actions before the traditional media.


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