Friday, December 30, 2011

New TMR Site Coming January 1st

The McCarville Report's new Internet site, designed to be more user-friendly, debuts on January 1st at

Mike McCarville said he understands the new site "may take a bit of getting-used-to; on this site, readers have had to scroll down, down, down, to read the stories. The new site spreads stories across the page and categorizes them. For example, if you just want to read stories about Social Mores, you'd just scroll down to that category and click on the headline; all of our stories in that category will appear. If you're interested in state finance and the tax structure, no need to scroll much at all; the category State Spending is just below the animated photos.

"You will find some stories appear under General news at top right, and also under specific categories down the page; they are the same stories, categorized as they are for archive purposes once they are topped by other stories.

"And speaking of archives: At the bottom of the page, you'll find an Archive Search section.

"If you want to see a list of all current stories, just scroll a wee bit and look on the left; you'll see Top Of Our News.

"Note also the reinstatement of a Comments section under each story. So long as the comments do not use indelicate language, make an unfounded allegation or cast a personal aspersion, they will be used; if they stray, they won't be."


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