Monday, November 28, 2011

Mulready Draws Republican Opponent

Glen Mulready
Darren Gantz has a bone to pick with his representative, Glen Mulready.

So Gantz is running against the Republican incumbent in House District 68 in Tulsa and Creek counties.

Gantz says some Republicans are part of the problem at the Capitol, "And unfortunately leading the way is my current State Legislator, Glen Mulready.

"In just his first term, Glen has led the way to push Obamacare down Oklahoma's throat by doing everything he can to get Health Exchanges passed in Oklahoma. Never mind that he used to lobby for the same insurance companies who will benefit from the implementation of Obamacare.

"On top of that, he has voted lock, stock, and barrel with the RINO leadership who don't care about what us conservatives in Oklahoma want, just what Obama-bundler George Kaiser wants. (Yes, Glen Mulready took money from Mr. Solyndra himself!)

"So that's why I have decided to throw my hat into the
ring and run against Glen Mulready in the GOP primary for State House District 68."

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