Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poll: Cain Tops Romney, Perry In Florida

From American Research Group ~ Herman Cain leads the Florida Republican presidential primary with 34%. Cain is followed by Mitt Romney at 28% and Newt Gingrich at 11%.

In July, Rick Perry was leading in Florida with 16%, followed closely by Michele Bachmann at 15%, Romney at 15%, Sarah Palin at 13%, and Cain at 11%.

Cain leads Romney 34% to 28% among registered Republicans likely to vote in the primary, with Gingrich at 11%.

Among Tea Party supporters, Cain leads Romney 43% to 19%, with 12% for Gingrich. Among likely Republican primary voters saying they are not Tea Party supporters or that they are undecided about the Tea Party, Romney leads Cain 38% to 23%, with 9% for Gingrich.

Among likely voters saying they will definitely vote, Cain leads Romney 36% to 27%.

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