Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stillwater Crowds Mark Soldier's Funeral Route

Photo courtesy Stillwater News-Press
Photo courtesy Gayle Riggs

Randy Swanson, chief of staff for Congressman James Lankford, was in Stillwater on Saturday for the funeral of a fallen warrior and family friend, Army Specialists Jordan Morris.

Morris, 23, a West Point cadet with Swanson's son David, died August 11th in Afghanistan. Morris lacked only one semester at West Point. 

Following the ceremony, Swanson posted this meesage on Facebook.

We just returned from the funeral of our young friend and David's fellow WP cadet, Jordan Morris. The city of Stillwater did itself proud today. The entire route between the funeral and the cemetery was lined with thousands of people standing at attention, saluting, holding flags or hand made signs in support of the Morris family and our troops. It was the most moving sight I've ever witnessed. Truly tear-inducing. God bless Stillwater. God bless America.

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