Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Surprise: Corn Says He's Out Of 2nd District Race

Kenneth Corn today said he won't seek the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 2nd District.

"After much soul searching and because of pressing personal matters brought on by the heart-breaking death of my mother only days ago, I have decided that I will not be a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District seat being vacated by Dan Boren.

"My concern for the people and the future of Eastern Oklahoma remains. I am deeply worried about the adolescent behavior of both parties in Congress and I am angered that the privileged few in America and corporations continue to be favored in Washington while common folks in places like Oklahoma suffer.

"Previously I had indicated I would likely be a candidate and that was very true. However, my mother's passing has changed my needs and the needs of my family, and I know that the needs of my house far outreach the importance of a seat in the House."

Congressman Dan Boren announced earlier he won't seek reelection. His predecessor in the 2nd District seat, Democrat Brad Carson, quickly announced that he would pursue his old job but just as quickly said he'd changed his mind.

With Corn and Carson out of the race, Democrats may have to scramble to find a candidate who can raise a lot of money, or finance his own campaign, to defend a seat being targeted by state and national Republicans.

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