Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boren Says His Future To Be Determined

Congressman Dan Boren's occupation when he leaves Congress after next year's election is not yet determined.

Boren made that clear when asked by The McCarville Report Online about rumors he's in line for several jobs, especially one that had him in line to head the Grand River Dam Authority.

"I can tell you that I haven't interviewed for any jobs," Boren said in a statement to TMRO, "but have watched the reports about GRDA. I have not interviewed with them and you can report that I am not interested in the job. The GRDA is an outstanding organization and I certainly love Grand Lake, but not interested.

"I am going to take some time over the next few months to think through what I want to do next."

Boren, 38, and his wife, Andrea, have become parents twice since his election to Congress. In announcing his decision not to seek reelection, Boren cited the demands of fulltime campaigning, and the resultant lost family time, as the reason for his decision.

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