Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bennett Wants Ten Commandments Slab Built

Rep. John Bennett
Following passage of a bill that establishes a fund for state government building maintenance, Rep. John Bennett urged that one of the fund’s first projects should be supporting establishment of the Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma Capitol.

“I urge the author of the bill and all other members of the House to utilize a portion of the money in House Bill 1512 to build the slab foundation so we can erect the Ten Commandment Memorial already approved by the Legislature,” said Bennett, R-Sallisaw.

“The monument has already been paid for by Representative Mike Ritze’s family and built. Only the foundation has to be installed.”

House lawmakers approved House Bill 1512 on Monday. The measure would create the Deferred Maintenance Revolving Fund (DMRF) in the State Treasury, which will eventually be funded by the sale of bonds.

Bennett was among the lawmakers opposing passage, but said if the legislation is to become law, it should be put to good purpose.

“I voted against the bill because I believe we could better use that money to cover shortfalls in the budget, and I refuse to vote for new bonds that cost taxpayers’ money,” Bennett said.

“However, since the bill passed I believe it is our duty to spend the first part of that money on worthwhile projects such at the Ten Commandments monument. The money really belongs to the taxpayers anyway, so we should spend it wisely. And I know most voters would strongly approve of finishing the job we started when it comes to erecting the 10 Commandments monument.”

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