Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Senator Rips Obama Oil Production Restrictions

U. S. Senator Mike Lee and other Republicans say President Obama has placed too many restrictions on oil production as gas prices rise.

Freshman Lee (R-Utah), who won office with Tea Party backing, is adding his voice to the chorus of Republicans alleging the Obama administration is placing too many restrictions on domestic oil production.

He said on the Fox Business Network that hundreds of billions of dollars spent annually on oil imports go to countries “where a lot of people don't like us very much, and they're using that money to fund the acts of terrorism against us in many incidences.”

He also drew links between oil production and the national debt.

“When we produce energy here, when we produce oil here, the revenue stays here and that helps Americans. That doesn't mean that we have to categorically shun all products from anywhere else, but where we've got a commodity that everybody needs, like oil, and great abundance right here in the United States, we ought to be producing all we can,” Lee said.

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