Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Senate Votes To Abolish Income Tax

The Oklahoma Senate today approved a Democrat amendment that would abolish the state's income tax. It's not clear how far the measure will go.

Democratic Senator Tom Adelson of Tulsa, one of the Senate's most liberal members, attached the amendment to a Republican-sponsored bill to reinstate a tax credit for companies that hire aerospace engineers and by doing so, appeared to be trying to put GOP lawmakers on the spot.

It appears Republicans called the bluff of Adelson and other Democrats. Some observers believe the language will be removed from the bill eventually.

Senator David Holt, Republican, wrote on Facebook, "(Adelson's) motion was a political game, and he thought the Republicans would vote 'no,' but we called his bluff.... Who knows where this goes, but it was an interesting moment."

Here's blogger Peter J. Rudy's report:

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