Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ritze: Let's Turn Down Obamacare's $54 Million

Rep. Mike Ritze:
'Clearly expressed
Rep. Mike Ritze, one of two doctors serving in the Legislature, today called on state officials to turn down $54 million that would be used to implement the new federal health care law.

“The people of Oklahoma voted to opt out of ObamaCare last November, our new state attorney general has filed a lawsuit arguing that the federal law it unconstitutional, and a nullification bill is now moving through the Oklahoma Legislature,” said Ritze, R-Broken Arrow. “To accept this federal money and the associated red tape completely undermines Oklahomans’ clearly expressed opposition to ObamaCare and actually marries our state to ObamaCare. The voters have told us not to accept ObamaCare in Oklahoma, and we should respect their wishes.”

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