Friday, March 25, 2011

Doak Defends Health Insurance Exchange

Insurance Commissioner John Doak promised Friday to protect Oklahoma values in the development of a state-based health insurance exchange during a speech at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ national spring meeting.

“I told the committee members that I have been and remain opposed to ObamaCare,” Doak said, “but I am a businessman. I know you have to have a backup plan. I support Attorney General Scott Pruitt and the other states’ attorneys general who are attempted to have this federal law overturned in the courts and our congressional delegation that would like to see it repealed. If those efforts are unsuccessful, Oklahoma must be prepared to fight on another front and an insurance exchange that takes a market-based approach and promotes robust and fair competition is the best way to do that. If we do nothing, we will lose the fight because the federal government will create and impose an exchange on Oklahoma that likely will ignore our needs and most certainly our conservative ideals.”

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