Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will Board Of Education Meeting See Fireworks?

Superintendent Janet Barresi
Thursday's meeting of the Board of Education could produce more fireworks as Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi faces her second meeting with the hostile group that a month ago refused to approve her employment of three top assistants.

The meeting could draw a huge number of spectators given the head-butting that occurred in the first meeting. One GOP legislator has suggested a large number of House members may attend the meeting.

Barresi, a Republican, chairs the board meetings. The board members are Democrats appointed by former Governor Brad Henry.

Tulsa attorney Tim Gilpin, who donated to the campaign of Barresi's opponent, Susan Paddack and who is the former Tulsa County Democratic Party chairman, appears adamant that the board will continue to try to tell Barresi what she can and can't do. That, despite approval in the Legislature of twin measures that would eliminate the board as it now exists and return it to its 1971 membership of the governor, attorney general and secretary of state; the superintendent would continue as chairman.

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