Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obamacare Takes Another Legal Hit

A federal judge in Florida voided the entirety of the nation's new health care law Monday, declaring that the Congress overstepped its constitutional authority last year when it mandated individual health insurance coverage by 2014.

The ruling was greeted with praise from Governor Fallin, Attorney General Scott Pruitt and Insurance Commissioner John Doak.

For the Obama administration, it was the second adverse ruling from the federal courts in just the past seven weeks and presaged a new round of legal appeals and political wrangling over the controversial health care initiative.

"Today marked another positive step in Oklahoma's pursuit to strike down the federal health care law," said Pruitt. "Judge Vinson's ruling reflects a pattern of momentum with the 28 states and further strengthens Oklahoma's ability to seek injunctive relief. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi should be proud, and I commend her leadership."

“I am thrilled that Judge Vinson has taken such a bold stand against a law that is unconstitutional, unworkable and unaffordable," said Fallin. "The people of Oklahoma have made it clear that under no circumstances should the federal government be able to force our citizens to buy health insurance. This ruling is a victory for all of us who believe the ‘individual mandate’ contained in the federal health care bill is in conflict with the United States Constitution and the free market principles that make this nation great.”

“Judge Vinson hit the nail on the head when he said Congress exceeded the bounds of its authority in passing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with a requirement that every individual must purchase health insurance,” said Insurance Commissioner John Doak. “Oklahoma voters made their feelings abundantly clear on the issue when they passed State Question 756, which amended the Constitution and permits Oklahomans to opt out of the federal program’s demand that all citizens maintain private health insurance policies. I’m glad to see a federal judge apply that same kind of common sense.”

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