Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brown's 'Honor And Remember' Flag Bill Advances

Senator Bill Brown holds a flag honoring his father,
Seaman 2nd Class Elbert Brown, who was killed in combat
in World War II when Senator Brown was two months old. 

A Senate Committee on Wednesday approved legislation requiring the display of the Honor and Remember Flag at the Capitol to recognize fallen Oklahoma soldiers.

Senate Bill 395 was unanimously approved by the Senate Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.

Senator Bill Brown, author of the measure, said the flag was a unifying symbol of gratitude to fallen servicepersons. Brown's father died in World War II shortly after he was born.

“The Honor and Remember Flag is a gesture of recognition for the ultimate sacrifice,” said Brown, R-Tulsa. “We want Oklahomans to remember those lost in combat. Though we can never adequately thank those who give their lives, it is important that we recognize and honor their service.”

The measure would require the Honor and Remember Flag to be displayed on the south plaza steps of the state Capitol, underneath the United States Flag, upon the combat death of any Oklahoma soldier.

The flag would be displayed with U.S. flag as long as it remains at half mast.

Brown last year authored legislation designating the Honor and Remember Flag as the state’s official emblem of recognition for fallen servicepersons.

“We want to send a message to the men and women of our armed forces, and their families, that they will never be forgotten,” Brown said. “This measure gives us another opportunity to express our gratitude.”

Brown also won unanimous approval for Senate Bill 253, which designates August 7th as “Purple Heart Day” in the state. Both measures now advance to the full Senate for consideration.

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