Thursday, January 27, 2011

Barresi Objects To Rozell's 'Inappropriate' Remark

By Peter J. Rudy/ ~ An already contentious State Board of Education meeting got more heated after a comment by board member, and former State Senator, Herb Rozell made a comment several women in the audience felt was sexist.

Rozell: His 'sexist'
remark sparked anger
After approving the hire of Jessica Russell as legislative analyst and liaison (she is pregnant and due in April) Senator Rozell (a Democat) made the comment that “if she has the baby and is gone for six weeks in May, she’s useless to us.”

May is the last month of session when a lot of activity happens at the State Capitol.

Superintendent Barresi requested that the comment be stricken. Russell reportedly left the room in tears.

Even though a short recess was called, Senator Rozell has not yet apologized to Russell for the comment.

The audio can be heard in Rudy's story. Senator Rozell is the first voice heard. Board member Tim Gilpin is the other male voice. Superintendent is the main female voice. Audio clip provided by the State Department of Education.

Here's audio of the entire meeting:

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