Saturday, December 4, 2010

House GOP Conflict Enters Second Week

From The Oklahoman ~ A month before he is to be elected House speaker, Kris Steele is facing a major challenge next week with members of the Republican caucus.

Several social conservative members are upset that Steele wants to focus on economic development, and took comments he made last week to mean he would dissuade them from filing bills cracking down on illegal immigration, expanding gun rights or supporting various pro-family issues.

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From The Tulsa World ~ Social conservatives are planning to drive next week to Bartlesville to let House Republicans know how they feel on various issues.

"We are very likely to have up to 150 to 200 people show up," said Charlie Meadows, chairman of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee.  

The group plans to picket outside the Phillips Building in Bartlesville, where Republican members of the House of Representatives are meeting in a closed caucus.

Gov.-elect Mary Fallin is speaking to the House Republicans on Monday night; House Republicans will draw up their agenda items for next year's legislative session Tuesday.

The crowd is expected to picket outside from about 5-7 p.m. Monday. They will be showing their support for tougher anti-immigration laws, gun-rights expansions to include open carry and campus carry, anti-abortion measures and bills to protect families.

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From ~ I received a call from an elected official this evening who has informed me that Speaker-elect Steele has changed the location of the dinner meeting on Monday after learning that there are numerous conservative groups planning a protest.

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