Wednesday, November 3, 2010

With Statewide Sweep, GOP Winners, Operatives, Stalwarts Eye $119 Million Fruit Of Victory

Tuesday's electoral tidal wave that sends only Republicans into major statewide offices will produce a secondary wave: Thousands of state jobs for GOP operatives, stalwarts, campaign volunteers and staff members.

It's a $119 million dollar switcheroo, although not all the jobs represented by that sum are up for grabs.

That's the total allocated for personal services in the eight offices swept by Republicans. Included are the offices of the governor ($2.5 million), lieutenant governor ($601,000), attorney general ($14.4 million), superintendent of public instruction ($69.4 million), insurance commissioner ($9.7 milliion), labor commissioner ($6.9 million), treasurer ($6.2 million) and auditor & inspector ($8.8 million). All the posts have been held by Democrats for the past four years.

The sum does not include salaries that will be paid to the staffs of the 14 new GOP members of the Legislature.

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