Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tulsa World Analysis: Fallin Swept Demo Counties

From A Tulsa World Article By Curtis Killman & Randy Krehbiel ~ Gov.-elect Mary Fallin, a Republican, won with at least 60 percent of the vote in 16 counties where Democrats outnumber Republicans in registration.

In Love County, where less than 10 percent of voters are registered Republicans, Fallin received slightly less than 60 percent.

About half of the state's more than 2 million registered voters cast ballots Tuesday, but turnout varied from 40 percent in Comanche County to 67 percent in Major County.

Forty-two counties had at least 50 percent turnout. Tulsa County's was just below that. But in House District 66, where Jadine Nollan of the GOP defeated Eli Potts, a Democrat, by 98 votes, turnout was only 43 percent in a district that routinely elected Democrats.

Fallin carried Tulsa County by 41,501 votes.

Her margin in Oklahoma County was a little more than 22,000.

Her largest percentage margin was in Beaver County, where she got 83 percent of the 1,885 ballots. Beaver County has the state's second-highest percentage of GOP voters, 67 percent.

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