Thursday, November 25, 2010

Steele's Agenda Draws Terrill Fire


There's trouble already in the ranks of House Republicans. Rep. Randy Terrill of Moore tonight issued a statement in which he takes GOP Speaker-elect Kris Steele to task for comments attributed to Steele in a morning newspaper article.
Terrill said Steele should "publicly and unequivocally repudiate" the comments.

Said Terrill: "Oklahoma Republicans won a historic victory in the most recent election due in large part to our strong commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration, protecting and advancing second amendment rights, and passing pro-family social legislation.

"However, recent statements attributed to Speaker-elect Kris Steele in The Oklahoman have called into question whether the agenda of the next legislature will be consistent with the promises we Republicans have made to our constituents on the doorsteps.

"It is the role of the Speaker of the House of Representatives to reflect the views of the House's members, not to thwart them. Accordingly, I hereby immediately call on Speaker-elect Steele to clearly, publicly and unequivocally repudiate the comments attributed to him in The Oklahoman and affirm that illegal immigration, second amendment rights, and pro-family social legislation will not only be a priority, but will be a central focus of the next legislature's agenda. Otherwise, conservative members of the House Republican caucus should take note that our new leadership intends to unilaterally break the promises that we made to the public during our campaigns.

"This is a monumental defining moment for who we are, as well as how and whether we can or should continue to govern, as the majority party in Oklahoma."

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