Friday, October 15, 2010

Senatorial Republicans Remain Optimistic

Republicans hoping to pick up Senate seats remain optimistic with 18 days to election day.

Today, Jarred Brejcha, Executive Director of the Oklahoma State Senate Republican Committee, said that, "campaign activity will increase each and every day. Stay updated by checking and websites of our candidates. There you can read about the latest news from the campaign, as well as find candidate pictures and updates.

Senator Cliff Aldridge, District 42:
Mark Allen, District 4:
Josh Brecheen, District 6:
Kim David, District 18:
Janica Edmonds, District 8:
Eddie Fields, District 10:
Joshua Jantz, District 46:
Sharon Parker, District 16:
Ralph Shortey, District 44:
Frank Simpson, District 14:

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