Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prater Toughens Criticism Of Corn TV Commercial

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, expanding on remarks reported on The McCarville Report Online last Friday, says that Kenneth Corn commercial attacking opponent Todd Lamb is, in a word, poppycock.

"Our investigation has revealed that Senator Todd Lamb was unaware of the illegal scheme behind the 'transition coordinator' position contained in the bill," Prater said. "Senator Lamb was not involved in the alleged illegal activity that resulted in the transition coordinator's position being created by the bill.

"Senator Lamb was never a target of the investigation nor was his name even mentioned by anyone who had knowledge of the illegal scheme to create the transition coordinator's position."

Prater, like Corn, is a Democrat.

Corn's campaign manager, Michael Carrier, insists the commercial is accurate. It never claims Lamb was involved in the alleged scheme, he said, only that he signed off on the bill involved. Corn voted for the bill when it passed the Senate.

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