Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inhofe Endorses Janet Barresi

Senator Jim Inhofe has endorsed Janet Barresi for superintendent of schools.

Inhofe described Barresi as a reformer who shares his desire to improve public schools.

“Janet Barresi is an education reformer who will help reinvigorate our state’s school system,” Inhofe stated. “Janet shares my commitment to local control of schools, increased parental involvement, and a commitment to student achievement.”

“To receive the support of a leading conservative like Jim Inhofe highlights the growing momentum of this campaign,” Barresi commented. “Since I first renewed my involvement in education by working to create a better school for my twin sons, I have spent the last 14 years as an active participant in education policy in Oklahoma. I have led the fight for the option of creating public charter schools and served on the Governor’s Achieving Classroom Excellence Task Force, and was involved in other efforts to increase standards and improve the system. I am humbled that Jim Inhofe sees this commitment and is willing to put his name on the line for me.”

Barresi started as a speech pathologist in the Norman and Harrah public schools. Later, at the same time she was running a successful dental practice, Barresi led a group of 125 concerned parents to launch what was then known as Independence Enterprise School. A few years later, Barresi help found Harding Charter Preparatory High School, which was recently recognized by Newsweek as the 68th best high school in America.

“Oklahoma should be proud of Janet Barresi,” Inhofe stated. “Janet believes like we do – that through hard work, high expectations and a commitment to the values that built this nation, every student can succeed. The proof rests in the two great schools she helped launch. An Oklahoma school like Harding Charter Prep is a great example of her work in our state’s education. Even though more than three-quarters of the school’s student population is near the poverty line, they have been successful in inspiring greatness among the students and test scores are exceptionally high.”

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