Monday, October 11, 2010

Former State Senator Upset Over Gumm Ad

From The Durant Daily Democrat ~ A former state senator is upset about a quote attributed to him that was used in a political advertisement by State Senator Jay Paul Gumm.

In a letter to the Durant Daily Democrat, James A. Williamson, former Republican state senator, said it had been brought to his attention that Gumm used a quote in the ad, and that Gumm did not obtain permission to use it.

Gumm said his recent campaign advertisement never implied any endorsement from Williamson.

The Democrat recently published a paid political advertisement that supported the efforts of Gumm and his fight to protect the lives of unborn children.

In the advertisement Gumm featured a quote from Williamson that stated, “To this day I don’t recall a more courageous act than giving me authorship of the Senate bill to protect the lives of the unborn.”

Gumm said he meant to use the quote to show both his unshakable pro-life position and his record of standing on pr inciple despite partisan pressure.

The former Senator Williamson said he never gave Gumm permission to use his quote in the advertisement, and he said the senator wanted to use a “flattering quote” for his own political advertisement.

“You should not be able to send a note to someone without the fear of it being used later, especially when they don’t ask,” said Williamson.

Gumm said it was increasingly clear that his opposition wants to talk about anything except his record or issues that really matter. He said that is why they are attempting to manufacture a controversy when none exists.

“The only possible controversy is if my good friend Senator Williamson — who spent last session as a taxpayer-paid political advisor to Senate Republicans — denies the words are his. If that is the case, I will gladly produce the card he wrote to me in his own hand,” said Gumm.

Gumm, a Democrat, is being challenged for his Senate seat by Republican Josh Brecheen.

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