Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brecheen Parade Turnout Excites Republicans

Josh and Kacie Brecheen
Republicans in Tishomingo say a huge turnout of volunteers for Senate candidate Josh Brecheen on Saturday bodes well for his campaign to unseat the incumbent, veteran Democrat Jay Paul Gumm.

GOP sources say that more than 100 volunteers showed up to walk and ride with Brecheen in the Chickasaw Festival Parade Saturday in Tishomingo, making the entry by the District 6 candidate the largest participant. Several thousand parade goers were treated to a display of thirty-five Brecheen riders on horseback holding Josh Brecheen signs, an array of decorated atv's, bikes, and go-carts, cars and farm trucks.

Brecheen rode horseback and dismounted to talk and shake hands with attendees as the parade progressed.

Brecheen, who worked for six years as a Field Representative in the district for Senator Tom Coburn, is also a past state FFA President. He is still remembered for his historic retiring address "Born to Be" delivered on horseback over a decade ago to over 15,000 people at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

One of Tishomingo’s former mayors, Dustin Rowe, who has attended the festival for the past 15 years, said of Josh Brecheen's participation, "It was the largest single entry for a candidate that I have ever seen. It seemed as if the Brecheen for State Senate entry went on and on and on, and was filled primarily with Johnston County residents."

In 2002, the last time a Republican ran for the Senate seat, the county was won by Gumm by over 1,600 votes.

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