Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flash Point Focuses On Anti-Lankford 'Push Poll'

Today's edition of Flash Point on KFOR-TV focused on "push poll" calls being made against 5th District Republican candidate James Lankford.

The McCarville Report Online has detailed what is described as the "amateurish" calls to voters in northwest Oklahoma City. (See related story below on this page.)

Political pundits Mike Turpen and Kirk Humphreys discussed the calls, which come from an unknown source.

Lankford opponent Kevin Calvey's consultant, Trebor Worthen, repeated for KFOR what he earlier had told TMRO, and that is that the calls are not generated by the Calvey campaign.

Turpen and Humphreys discussed the possibility they are coming from a "third party." Regardless, Humphreys said, if Calvey wanted the calls to stop, "they would stop."

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