Monday, August 16, 2010

Cloud, Murphy Endorse John Doak

Corporation Commissioners Dana Murphy and Jeff Cloud today endorsed John Doak in the Republican runoff for insurance commissioner. Doak faces former Commissioner John Crawford.

“The office of Insurance Commissioner is extremely important to our state,” said Murphy. “The Republican Party and the citizens of Oklahoma are best served with John Doak, who is passionately pro-life, as our nominee. He has joined a federal lawsuit against Obama Care and is the insurance commissioner candidate who best represents Oklahoma values.

“Through John Doak’s experience with his daughter, who is the survivor of three open-heart surgeries, as well as his outstanding professional experience in the insurance industry as both an agent and executive, I believe he truly understands consumers' needs as well as the business aspects of the insurance industry.”

Cloud also referred to Doak’s leadership and extensive experience in the insurance industry.

“I believe John Doak is a man of integrity with the conservative values and executive experience needed to lead the Oklahoma Insurance Department,” Cloud said. “John Doak is the best choice for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner and is our best option to win in November. He has my vote and my endorsement. I encourage voters to cast their vote for John Doak in the Runoff Election.”

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