Monday, August 9, 2010

Calvey's Brother Explains Irony In Obama Donations

By John Estus/ ~ Republican Congressional candidate Kevin Calvey has spent thousands of dollars buying airtime for television ads condemning the “Obama-Pelosi agenda” and praising himself for fighting “the liberals.” Turns out an Obama supporter helped pay for those ads.

We reported Sunday that Calvey’s brother, Michael, has helped funnel at least $270,000 into his brother’s campaign. Michael Calvey also gave to President Obama’s campaign in 2008. Federal Election Commission records show Michael Calvey, a wealthy international investor who has been wildly successful in Russia, has made political donations in the past to Obama For America, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, Forward Together PAC, Club For Growth PAC, the Democratic National Committee, the Ohio Democratic Party and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

Asked last week about the irony of donating to his brother’s decidedly anti-Obama campaign, Michael Calvey said: “Obama is the first and maybe the last Democrat to whom I make a contribution.”

Asked if he and his brother share political views, Michael Calvey said: “Kevin is a very strong-minded person. I wish I could say he listens to me, but I’m afraid that he doesn’t. We clearly don’t share the views on a lot of issues, but I completely agree with his issues on business and the economy, which are the most important, and I also, of course, have a huge respect for him and his integrity and obviously his military service.”

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