Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pinnell Pairs State, National Democrats

Republican State Chairman Matt Pinnell said today the Oklahoma Democratic Party is marching in lockstep with President Obama's liberal "Organizing for America."

Pinnell said the party has advertised on its website "Organizing for America" training, as recently as June 26th at their annual state Democrat Day. Even more troubling is a recent website called "Sneaky Sunday," which announces "Organizing for America" training across Oklahoma legislative districts, he said.

Organizing for America activities have centered around political activism in favor of Obama's most controversial legislative goals such as his corporate bailout and socialized healthcare bill.

"It's crystal clear for Oklahoma voters," says Pinnell, "Democrat candidates in Oklahoma are receiving training and aide straight from Obama's community organizing machine."

"How can Drew Edmondson, Jari Askins, and the rest of the Democrat ticket attempt to act conservative when their own party is working hand-in-hand with Obama's liberal training organization?"

"Oklahoma Democrat candidates don't want voters to see their true liberal colors, but it's hard to hide when you are working with the largest liberal training organization in the country. This November, Oklahoma voters have the opportunity to say 'enough is enough' and keep Obama policies out of our state," Pinnell said.

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