Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Oklahoman: Brogdon Claims Can't Be Verified

Randy Brogdon's television commercial claims that opponent Mary Fallin took campaign donations from "bailout beneficiaries" can't be verified, The Oklahoman reports.

In an analysis of the Brogdon commercial, The Oklahoman's Chris Casteel reports that a review of Fallin's campaign records going back to 2006 does not show any donations that can be linked to her vote in favor of the Wall Street bailout.

Brogdon spokesman Louis Waller declined to name any Fallin donors who received bailout funds. He also declined to provide justification for Brogdon's charge that Fallin "requested millions in pork from the Obama stimulus."

Fallin has denied any linkage and spokesman Alex Weintz says the allegations aren't credible.

The Oklahoman's analysis follows one by Jamison Faught at Faught reported, "The ad claims that Mary Fallin has 'accepted thousands in contributions from bailout beneficiaries,' followed by the word COMPROMISE flashing across the screen. The information is attributed in the ad to However, the screenshot from featured in the ad contains information about Fallin's earmark requests, not her campaign contributions. In fact, has no campaign finance records posted on their website."

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