Friday, July 16, 2010

The Hill: Fallin Above The Fray, 'Clear Favorite'

The Hill today offers an analysis of how difficult it is for members of Congress who are seeking governorships to shake off the unpopularity of Congress.

But, the publication reports, there's one exception: Only one of the seven lawmakers running for governor is seen as a clear favorite: Rep. Mary Fallin (R-Okla.).

Fallin decided to remain in Congress while running her campaign. But juggling congressional
responsibilities and a gubernatorial election can be difficult, Fallin said.

“It is a tough job and I am working very hard. I am visiting every county in Oklahoma before Election Day,” she said.

All of that hard work is paying off. Both analysts said Fallin has an excellent chance in her primary on July 27.

“I think she is going to be the next governor of Oklahoma,” Duffy said. “She is the top pick.”

Fallin views her congressional experience as a major benefit. She has experience in both the state and federal political arenas.

“I know very well the implications of federal policy and how it will affect state budgets,” she said.

But she thinks she’ll have more of an effect on her state as governor.

“Governors have the ability to bring reform. As governor, I have a better opportunity to make improvements,” she said.

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