Friday, July 16, 2010

Mike Christian Says DA Releases His Subpoena

Rep. Mike Christian has been told he has been released from a subpoena to appear before a multi-county grand jury investigating alleged corruption.

Christian was informed by District Attorney David Prater today that he has been released from his subpoena to appear before the multi-county grand jury, but there appears to be some confusion late today about what the subpoena release means; The Oklahoman's Nolay Clay reports the grand jury won't meet next week as planned because of insufficient witnesses.

Prater told TMRO, "Christian has been released from his Grand Jury Subpoena without any allegations of wrongdoing because he is fully cooperating with the investigation."

Said Christian: “I’m pleased to confirm that I am no longer a subject of the multi-county grand jury investigation. I maintained from the beginning that I did nothing wrong and I am grateful this is now behind me.”

Christian said he cooperated fully with the investigation, and is looking forward to his upcoming re-election campaign.

“It has been a great honor to serve in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and I look forward to continuing that service,” said Christian. “I will be personally talking with the voters in my district between now and Election Day, to hear their concerns and tell them about my plans to improve our economy and move Oklahoma forward.”

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