Saturday, July 10, 2010

Calvey Rips Obama's Offshore Drilling Moratorium

Congressional candidate Kevin Calvey has criticized the Obama administration’s efforts to impose a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling as “callous political maneuvering” and applauded the courts’ decision to overturn the moratorium.

“The administration is trying to make political hay out of an ecological disaster to appease their left-wing base,” Calvey said. “The only thing a moratorium will accomplish is to further depress the Louisiana economy at a critical time and make the U.S. even more dependent on foreign oil.”

The Fifth Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s decision to overturn the moratorium over the administration’s wishes. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has said that he will issue a new moratorium regardless of court decisions.

“If the administration wants to improve drilling safety, they need to clean up the corrupt Minerals Management Service and enforce laws already on the books,” Calvey said. “Instead the administration is abusing executive power to halt an important sector of domestic oil drilling.”

Leaders in Louisiana, including Gov. Bobby Jindal, have criticized the moratorium and the negative impact it is having on the local economy, already in depression from the oil spill.

“I want the president to quit playing games with Louisiana and get to work cleaning up the spill,” Calvey said. “It is basic common sense that we should do everything in our power to encourage safe domestic drilling for our energy independence and for our economy. The political games that the Interior Department and the Obama administration are playing right now put both goals in peril.”

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